It won’t be long now..

To an Esprit guy living in the snow belt, the decision to recommission our beloved cars is serious business, because, we actually drive them, and as logic follows, we require clean, and above freezing conditions in order for that to be a safe and enjoyable experience.

Actually, the engine loves colder weather. The turbochargers most Esprits have take advantage of the denser air and make very good power compared to the warm days, and there is less stress on the cooling system.

The issue seems to be finding grip.

I actually spun my ’98 while traveling in a straight line several years ago. I found nothing but vacant real estate at the end of that little jaunt, but, lesson learned just the same.

I am kind of thinking that if it is warm enough to hand wash, it’s got to be warm enough to drive, and that is where the games begin.

My other pastime is endurance sports. By design, they require a certain amount of suffering. As in running in -10 to +100 degree conditions, so the question is, when do I embrace the suck long enough to get a hose on this thing…

We are peering at a calendar filled with 50 degree days, so, box checked there, but there still seems to be salt on the roads. Generally speaking, a glass fiber car doesn’t care about salt, it CAN’T rust, however, clamps, and connections sure can, and those are the kind of things that can usher you right into disasterville if you aren’t sensible.

My Esprit has had very little maintenance performed on it during its life and will need hoses, belts, wires, and the like before I can drive it with complete comfort. None of these things are horrible to attend to, but an Esprit is the kind of mistress that likes attention before its demanded.

Sourcing the bits required is an exercise worthy of some attention on its own…

I am very much looking forward to some seat time. I believe you can learn to accept what a Lotus chassis does for you, but if you have any sensitivity as a pilot you can never really get used to the level of communication they provide, or how magically that they cope with difficult surfaces. I am aware that the smaller type cars will run rings around an Esprit on a track, but when I get out of mine after a long trip, neither my suit or my back need pressed back into functionality.

It’s all quite exciting.