Electricity-gate seems to be well sorted. I had the battery tested and it had a blown cell. It literally boiled out the side. Even though the nitwit at pep boys could see that, she still made me have it tested. It scored worse than I did in high school geometry (that was time I will never get back anyway…). Battery exchanged. Once replaced, I tested the volts for a few days and all is good with the charging system.

Is never easy. on the test drive, I had a fault code. The dreaded P1460, which is the relay for the ac motor. I replaced that, and I still had the MIL come on, so I went crying to T.J. Waszak who, acting partly as a tech, and partly as my Lotus shrink, walked me through the “dummies guide to the ac circuit”. It was a fuse. Score one for the power probe. Replaced. then I went on a short hop to check. Ac blasting. No code. Fantastic.

Do short drives to check repairs count as summer driving miles?

Anyway, T.J. Is a god among men for having the patience to work me through that one. If you have a chance to work with him, do it. He really is fantastic.

I was euphoric. the car was really doing its thing, and i envisioned a summer full of driving, until I noticed the temp gauge creeping…


Now, let me be clear as a glass of gin about this, I would NEVER let a v-8 overheat. Ever. I have seen how that movie ends. I was close to, CLOSE, to 110 and waiting for the fans to pull me back down.

Since I JUST replaced coolant hoses, my suspicion is the crappy little plastic line from the top tank to the spare in the wheel well. I’ll proof that tonight. I’m not so concerned about the radiator since I intend to replace it anyway.

My wife, and chief critic Nancy, asked me how it was going, and I told her it was great. When she was done raining on me for bullshitting her, and digested the facts, she told me that the cars name was “Christine”, after the car in the Stephen King book.

I can tell that I am making progress with her because that’s actually more funny than vicious. In another 30 or so years, she may actually agree to ride in it again.

The funny thing is even though it has been kind of a problem child, I have driven it more to this point in the year than I would have driven the Exige.

Le chemin de la béatitude est longue…