The damn car ran perfectly all weekend, and I actually went a few places.

I was struck by three things while I drove around the suburbs.

First, people still stare at it, talk to me about it, and take cell phone pictures of it. From the guy at a gas station with the SCCA course Marshall stickers all over his van, to random teens on the interstate, it still captures people. I think I could live without that.

Second, the ride quality is much more supple than our VW Tiguan. Lotus really is magical over bumps. How they do grip AND ride compliance is one of the great mysteries of life… (Thanks Roger…)

Lastly, the ruthless way this car puts speed on still catches me off guard. It is next to violent, and extremely seductive. I suppose it’s elemental that a passenger riding in a supercar should be uncomfortable under full throttle, and this beast qualifies.

I am finishing up the odd jobs necessary to complete its recommissioning. Then I am hoping for that golden period where I get to enjoy it for a while.

I haven’t heard from the prospective buyer. I suspect he was using my car as leverage to buy another one. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that, but the chorus of people telling me NOT to sell it is pretty large, including, astonishingly, Nancy…

Dave the Field Engineer was confound by that one. He ask me to rush her to the emergency room to be tested for delirium, and I myself don’t think she could believe the words blowing through her teeth, but there it is.

Anyway, more to follow…