There was quite a bit of driving yesterday. A business trip of almost 150 miles in 90 degree heat, with a cooperating cooling system,


and dropping Nancy off, (yes, the same woman that vowed never to ride in that car again…) at a girls night. My field engineer Dave was praying for me. Oddly, his phone was not receiving calls while I was out and about…


There was a betting pool in the office which made the arrival at my meeting small odds. It’s like these people know Esprits… But we proved them wrong.


I’m still getting periodic small emissions leak fault codes, and I am still blowing ac fuses, but the miles are starting to add up. It’s little stuff, but the list is getting shorter. I’m getting more used to the size and, relative to an Exige, the insulation from what’s happening. (I.e. power steering, and dampers that actually move…)

My seller appears to have vanished. It’s fine. I’m having fun at the moment.